Top 10 Conversations around Architecture 2017

Top 10 Conversations around Architecture 2017

Here, in the reductive spirit of the end of the year, are my top 10 ‘conversations around architecture’ of 2017. I list them here in no particular order; each one, in its own way, has been a pleasure to come across.

1. David Adjaye speaking such good sense at his NLA Annual Lecture 2017.

2. Mike Stiff’s blog on the Stiff + Trevillion website. Wide-ranging, opinionated, passionate.

3. Martyn Evans regularly bridging the gaps between architects and non-architects on

4. Niall Maxwell telling the Caring Wood story through Instagram, Twitter and his Journal. A beautiful and unusual building worth talking about.

5. Jennifer Ross writing about the VeloCity project on the Tibbalds blog. I love everything about this: the way these women came together and the way they then got their heads together.

6. Olly Wainwright on the Hastings Pier winning the Stirling Prize. There were so many good things to say about this project, and he said them.

7. The Architecture Masters podcasts from the London Festival of Architecture. Owen Wainhouse’s dulcet tones – along with the varied, always enlightening tones of his guests – have accompanied me on many a train journey.

8. Amanda Baillieu and Archiboo for giving us opportunities to stand back and appreciate.

9. Studio Egret West’s Framing Serendipity. A beautiful title heralding a beautiful book.

10. Laura Mark on ‘The Five to Watch 2018’ in The Architects’ Journal. Five very good reasons to feel hopeful.


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