A word about your favourite client

A word about your favourite client

Thinking about what makes a great client is a very useful first step in working out how to write and talk about yourself.

Make a list.

Once you start to make a list of all their qualities and interests, you’ll start to get a better idea not just of what matters to them, but what matters to you.

(And it’s amazing how listing what we like about our favourite client can reflect the best parts of ourselves, without modesty getting in the way.)

But when it comes to embarking on a project, your clients aren’t just made up of reassuringly positive attributes. They’re also likely to be a mass of worries, concerns and fear.

What could possibly go wrong, after all?

A lot, is the answer. All those risks, the budget, the schedule…

And, by the way, don’t be afraid to talk about the things that could go wrong on a project. Potential clients will know you’re not whitewashing the process, so they’ll trust you all the more.

Note down all those worries and fears. Then ask yourself how exactly you solve their problems and allay their fears. It’s worth getting specific, because when things get specific they get a whole lot more interesting.

Now you’re really starting to get a handle on what’s so valuable about what you do.

Which means you can dive straight into writing about yourself.


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