Architects Award Submission handbook

We’ve done it at last!

If you find award submissions tricky, then you’re exactly the kind of person Nikita Morell and I have been thinking about over the last eleven or so months.

We’ve pooled all our experience and all our know-how to help you through the process, and now, at last, our Architects Award Submission Handbook* is done, dusted and ready to buy.

You won’t just hear from us. Martyn Evans of U+I, Carl Turner of Turner Works, and Peter Murray of New London Architecture – together with other equally experienced judges – tell us exactly what could help you get to the top of the pile.

Our handbook is as helpful, as practical, as reassuring, and as straightforward as we could make it.

*It’s now nearing the end of 2022, and we’re no longer selling it… But you might find something else to buy in Nikita’s Wordshop.

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