Five websites worth checking out

Sometimes it’s by seeing what others have done well that you can be inspired to do things better yourself.

So, here are five examples of websites which do something well. This is personal opinion, obviously, but I’m sure I’ve looked at more architects’ websites than most, so I like to think it’s a well-researched and fairly authoritative personal opinion. (And I’m a completely objective observer here – I haven’t been involved in any of these.)

Here they are, in random order:

1/ Fletcher Priest gets a lot of things right, including their ‘Services’ page*, which manages to be straight-talking, informative and approachable.

2/ I really like this ‘Who we are’ page from Make. Scroll down and you’ll see that, for a large international practice, it’s unusually refreshing.

3/ Okay, this is only very slightly to do with the written word, but this little lockdown film** from Hawkins/Brown is rather lovely.

4/ Here’s another film I really like (and which I’ve mentioned before) – it immediately gets across so much about Ed, Jonny, and Lipton Plant Architects.

5/ Lastly, Mowat & Company used to have a lovely piece which I sometimes used in workshops as an example of a warm and client-friendly practice profile. Sadly, that seems to have gone, but in looking for that I found these bios, and I like them almost as much as I liked that earlier piece. You have to scroll down a little to see them.

If any of these inspire you just a bit, I’ll be happy.


* Time has passed since I wrote this, and the link I included here now leads to a dead end, I’m afraid.

** Ditto.

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