Blogs that get it right

Blogs that get it right

I’ve been thinking about blogs – specifically ones I like and how different they all are. A blog doesn’t have to be all things to all people. It just needs to do one thing well.

Here are five blogs I like, along with what they do well:

Stiff + Trevillion – a passion project. The hand of Mike Stiff lies behind every post, and you can tell he enjoys writing it. It’s heartfelt, eloquent, and always interesting.

Archio – a strong voice in a wider conversation. As well as lighter news pieces, they grapple with the more difficult stuff. That shows they’re fully embroiled in the nitty-gritty of what they do.

Eliza Blair – a client-friendly mine of information. She clearly knows her audience.

Jestico + Whiles – a steady stream. They focus on news, and they just keep the pieces coming. So we know they’re alive, well, and going places.

Prewett Bizley – flashes of brilliance. There’s nothing wrong with silence if it’s followed by something worth waiting for. The latest post in ‘Dispatches from the Field’ is as enlightening as ever, and again takes us on a journey (something we all need right now).

If you know of more good examples of blogs that get (at least) one thing right, let me know.

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