Do we grapple with the same things?

Do we grapple with the same things?

I imagine the feedback process is just as pitfall-strewn for architects and designers as it is for writers like me.

And, in this age of Zoom and Microsoft Teams, we’ve all had to grapple with different ways of communicating and making sure we’re on the same page as our clients.

So, four questions for you:

– How do you stop someone worrying about the tiny things that you know are easy to fix but they might find difficult to explain?

– How do you keep it quick and focused?

– How do you keep the tone collaborative and objective rather than confrontational and personal?

– How do you steer clear of creating-by-committee while getting everyone on board?

I do a lot less writing now than I used to (because I’m running more workshops and doing more coaching) but my feedback process is now so painless that it almost makes me want to go back to doing more.

I think of it as ‘live editing’. I send the text at a specified time, and we meet on Zoom just half an hour later with the same Google Doc open in front of us. The little things are fixed there and then, and anything trickier I work on shortly after.

So, my main tools are tight turnarounds, quick Zoom calls and Google Docs.

And of course I choose my clients carefully.


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