Tricky testimonials – and how to take the pain away

Asking for a testimonial can be tricky. Actually getting one is even trickier.

It’ll sit on your client’s to-do list for months, because although they’ve loved working with you, they don’t quite know where to start…

So my best tip is to catch hold of something your clients say when the ink (or paint) on their project is still wet and it’s still top of mind. This is when they’ll be voicing their thanks and expressing, in a very natural way, their appreciation. Note down their words, and say you’d love to use them as a testimonial.

But if you miss that moment, all is not lost, and there are other easy ways of getting what you need. One is to set up a quick video call with them and do it all in the comfort of Zoom.

That’s a great way of doing it, and very helpfully Miranda Birch has even put together a little course to help you do that.

Or, if you’re more of an email person, try this instead

Ask them, by email, if they can answer these three questions for you:

  • Why did you bring me on board?
  • How did I help you?
  • What has changed for you as a result?

Their answers should get straight to the heart of the value you bring, and you can simply edit those down into a coherent couple of lines, or one short punchy one.

Then just check they’re happy for you to use it as a testimonial. And that’s it.

Whichever route you choose, you’ll have made it easy for them – and easy for you.

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