Big words, big ideals - Podcast

Big words, big ideals

Purpose, values, vision, narrative… These are all words that get bandied about, but why are they important, how do they help, and what do they really mean?

If you’re interested in any or all of these questions, the business coach Sue Austin and I would love you to listen to our podcast with Rion Willard of Business of Architecture UK. We talk about articulating your purpose and your values, developing your vision, setting goals, and the role of a good narrative.

But it’s not all abstract nouns and lofty ideals. With the blessing of three of our shared clients – Turner.WorksSam Tisdall and Design Storey – we tell the stories of how we’ve helped them grapple with these things and then embed them in the way they run their practices.

You can watch the episode on YouTube or listen via Apple Podcasts. Or just search for ‘Business of Architecture UK’ on your usual podcasting service.


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