Something a little more architect-friendly

Over the last five years of running in-house writing workshops, I’ve been trying far too hard to be helpful through wordy PDFs summarising everything we covered. And I’m not so sure if they were ever actually useful. In fact, it suddenly dawned on me about six weeks ago that they probably weren’t.

So I set to work on ‘A writing toolkit for architects’. And I can’t quite believe how happy this clever little thing has made me. The idea is that everyone at my workshops will get one to take away with them, that they’ll want to keep it, and that it’ll be put to good and regular use.

If you’d like one, send me a quick email and let me know where you’d like me to send it.

And if you’ve been a recipient of a PDF from my past life, I’d love some honest feedback about whether you actually ever referred back to it… Now that I’ve finally moved on, I’m ready for your answers.


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