The end of my fickle stage

Looking back, I’m surprised by how fickle I’ve been. It turns out I’ve had a fair few different websites in my time – two when I was working within publishing, and then three (including this one) since the launch of Architypal.

But I’ve now come to the end of my fickle stage. At last I have a website that feels just right. And what ‘just right’ means isn’t something that’s perfect right now and has to stay that way. Instead, it means a website that moves and bends as I move and bend.

For someone who’s not particularly tech-minded, though, that doesn’t work unless you have a website designer who sticks around and is still there when you need them (and I don’t just mean to tweak the text – I do know how to do that!). In Martin Philpot of Pure Graphic Design, I’ve found that person.

And now comes more good news: this bold, beautiful, shapeshifting website of mine has been shortlisted in the Best Consultants category of the Archiboo Awards. I’m in great company with friends and fellow shortlistees Celeste Bolt of SALT, Julia Nicholls of Julia Nicholls Communications, Dave Sharp of Vanity Projects, and Ten4 and Ayo Abbas (for their work on Cundall‘s website). Fingers crossed for all of us!



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