How to tell a meaningful story about your practice

It’s the RIBA Guerrilla Tactics conference this week, and I’m gearing up for my online CPD session on ‘How to tell a meaningful story about your practice’. So, here’s a speedy, one-minute take on the subject for you…

It’s never enough to couch your practice in terms of purpose, values and vision. Or to talk about your team in terms of their job titles. You need a story that is meaningful well beyond the four walls of your studio, a story that embraces your clients and every member of your team.

But it’s actually not that difficult to banish abstract concepts and dry facts, flip the story round to put your clients at the heart of it, and then open it up so that the whole team can get behind it.

It all boils down to these three things:

1/ Knowing exactly who you’re talking to – your ideal potential client – and finding the common ground between you.

2/ Weaving a story that leads them from what they want, through the challenges they face, to the place they want to go.

3/ Seeing each member of your team as an integral part of that story, because of the difference they make and how they help push the story along.

I hope that gets my point across and that you’re all set to tell your own meaningful story. But if you do want to register for Guerrilla Tactics 2022 (and learn a lot more than just this), you can find out more here. But be quick – it starts tomorrow, 8th November 2022.

PS I’m also one of the mentors at the Guerrilla Tactics ‘speed mentoring’ event. That should be fun.

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