A revolution in the making

There’s something pretty good about being in a room full of excited and subversive architects. And that’s the situation I found myself in last Tuesday.

It was the RIBA Guerrilla Tactics 2022, and we were all there to focus on Wellbeing in Practice, which, as it turns out, is a surprisingly revolutionary theme.

This felt like the beginning of something big, the first steps in a movement that could bring real change, and a true shift in mindset and ways of working.

Two days later, it was my turn to contribute in the form of my Guerrilla Tactics online CPD, ‘How to tell a meaningful story about your practice’.

It definitely didn’t feel like quite such a convivial, joyful or revolutionary experience, because giving an online presentation (ie sitting in a room on your own and talking to yourself) never does. But Tuesday’s themes were a perfect match for mine, and I hope I’ve done my bit to keep the fires burning.

Let’s keep talking… let’s get more of these ideas out into the world… and let’s make architecture work for everyone.

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