Something to inspire you from the comfort of your swivel chair

Is there anything more awkward than sitting in a room on your own and talking to a screen with nothing to look at but your own PowerPoint slides and a thumbnail of your own face looking back at you? Yes, I’m sure there is, but I still think the whole Zoom webinar experience, from the presenter’s point of view, scores pretty highly.

Apparently from the audience’s point of view it’s not so bad, though. The face you can see isn’t your own, you’re allowed to sit back comfortably on your sofa or swivel chair, and you get to learn something new.

And, though I couldn’t tell at the time, the audience for my RIBA Guerrilla Tactics session seems to have enjoyed themselves. In any case, I got some lovely feedback afterwards, with the word ‘inspiring’ featuring a lot.

So if you want to watch it too, here’s the link. And, if you do watch it, let me know if it was a good way to spend an hour (or just half an hour if you watch it at double speed).

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