In an ideal world

Why bother thinking about what makes an ideal client?

Because it’s the first step in purposefully getting more of those clients.

And if your ideal client sees themselves reflected in the clarity of what you put out there, they’ll be drawn to you.

It’s a win for you, and a win for them.

So, who are my own ideal clients?

👉 They’re architects who are often – but not always – the founders and directors of a small practice.
👉 They might be looking to grow, but equally they might simply want to get better at charting a steady and enjoyable course – doing work they enjoy for clients they respect.

But the size of their practice is much less important than their qualities and their attitude.

👍 They know they need to get better at stepping into the shoes of their clients and communicating their value.
👍 They’re ready to trust me to help get them where they want to be.
👍 They’re hungry for something to change and wide open to seeing things differently.

If you haven’t yet worked out who your ideal clients are, start by thinking about a favourite client and then make a list of their qualities and values, worries and frustrations, aspirations and goals.

That’ll give you the best possible starting point – a much better starting point, I think, than thinking only about sector or demographics. After all, great projects are built on great relationships.

Oh, and if my ideal client sounds just like you, get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.

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