Brand is in need of a rebrand

Brand is a great way of talking about identity.

But – and this is a big one – to a lot of architects it sounds like a slightly empty marketing exercise rather than the energetic heart of your business.

So I rarely use the word ‘brand’ , and I find other ways of talking about this stuff. Here are a few of them.

Brand is…

📌 How you come across

📌 How you stand out

📌 How you want people to see you

📌 What makes people notice you

📌 Your story and how you tell it

📌 How you connect with people

📌 How you become memorable

📌 Your reputation

📌 Your personality

📌 A reflection of your values, mission and purpose

📌 The opposite of AI (it’s what AI, by its very nature, doesn’t have)

So, let’s work on your brand – but let’s not talk about it.


PS I used to work for Penguin, and I loved being part of an instantly recognisable, memorable brand – hence the logo above as a reminder of the power of a strong identity!

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