A big deal

Writing a book is a big deal.

I know this because I used to be an editor at Penguin.

And I know this again now because the man I’m married to, James Power, has just written a 480-page book called The Bees of Sussex.

It’s a serious, quite technical book about the hundreds of species of wild bee in our county. (NB It’s not about the honey bee, which has had quite enough attention already.)

James is a nature conservationist by trade, and by inclination, but this has been much more than a day job for him. It’s been an all-hours passion project that’s consumed him for the last three and a half years.

It’s also consumed me quite a bit, because it turns out that being married to someone who’s writing a book is rather a big deal too. And if words are your thing, you can’t help but get involved.

So last Thursday, when the first copies arrived fresh off the press, was a good day in our household.

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