Not everyone’s cup of tea

Is there anything people hate more than writing their own bio?

Well, of course there is, but it’s still something most people would do almost anything to avoid.

And yet a team page with great photos but no words is always a let-down.

And a team page where every bio sounds exactly the same is almost as bad.

A team page that gets across all the difference perspectives, different enthusiasms and different voices, on the other hand, is a joy to behold – and never a disappointment.

Yes, I know good bios don’t write themselves. But there is a way.

To prove it, here are some photos by the brilliant Edward Bishop of my ‘pen portrait’ writing workshop with the Prior + Partners team. They’re hard at work, and at the same time they look as if they’re actually enjoying themselves.

Go to the Prior + Partners website and read a few at random. They’re great.


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