Your Story Starter Pack

Can it get any simpler than this?

At first glance you might think there’s a lot going on here – but look again and you’ll see it’s not that complicated.

Architects, this is your STORY STARTER PACK. It gives you the prompts you need to get your stories written.

The point is:

📌 Storytelling isn’t an add-on. It’s the backbone.

📌 You only need a beginning, a middle and an end – just three acts.

📌 It all hangs on TRANSFORMATION. (You’re an architect, so you’re in the business of change!)

📌 It’s about your clients, not about you. That takes the pressure off because the spotlight’s not on you.

📌 Once you’ve put together your practice story, you’re most of the way there. Your other stories will all be versions of that.

So, there shouldn’t be anything too daunting about creating great content for your website.

Still daunted? I might be able to help, so get in touch.

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