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An Archiboo Win

If I needed a reminder that being surrounded by clients, colleagues, friends and strangers is a good thing, then this was it. (Note to all of us who don’t live…

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Your Story Starter Pack

Can it get any simpler than this? At first glance you might think there’s a lot going on here – but look again and you’ll see it’s not that complicated.…

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Getting your stories off to a better start

Why is a 'first-line false start' a bigger deal than you might think? Can’t you just cross it out and start again? Actually, it’s not that simple. Because… 🚫 You’re…

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So many clever things…

A story can do all sorts of very clever things. Here are my three favourites: 👍 Gives your CLIENT the confidence to move forward (because emotion, not reason, often drives…

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Doubly good news

What have Guttfield Architecture got in common? Two things: 📌 They’ve both been shortlisted for Best Written Content in the

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The most natural thing in the world

There’s nothing complicated about storytelling, and it should be the most natural, human thing in the world. But in our professional lives we tend to forget how powerful stories can…

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Whose place is it anyway?

Let’s take a moment to talk about the BUILT ENVIRONMENT. But I’m only going to touch the surface here. This is about that little phrase and nothing more. This is…

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The centre of the universe

My town – Lewes – is at the centre of the universe right now. Or at least that’s what it feels like. Because with planning permission for Human Nature can…

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The best of the three

Here’s my brand-new STORYTELLING TOOLKIT FOR ARCHITECTS. It’s only a little thing, but I’ve packed a lot into it: ✅ Why tell a story? ✅ How to tell a story…

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Not everyone’s cup of tea

Is there anything people hate more than writing their own bio? Well, of course there is, but it’s still something most people would do almost anything to avoid. And yet…

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A big deal

Writing a book is a big deal. I know this because I used to be an editor at Penguin. And I know this again now because the man I'm married…

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Brand is in need of a rebrand

Brand is a great way of talking about identity. But – and this is a big one – to a lot of architects it sounds like a slightly empty marketing…

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Seven supremely helpful sleights of hand

There's been so much talk of ChatGPT recently that I haven't felt the need to weigh in with my own thoughts on the matter. But I am feeling the need…

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A different angle and a 4th dimension?

I’m in awe of anyone who hosts a podcast. And, as I say that, I’m looking intently at Rion Willard, Rachel Birchmore and Louise Rogers, all of whom regularly serve…

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In an ideal world

Why bother thinking about what makes an ideal client? Because it’s the first step in purposefully getting more of those clients. And if your ideal client sees themselves reflected in…

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Can we talk about architecture as a ‘product’?

I used to work in publishing – I had a lovely job as an editor at Penguin Books* – and I never, ever liked it when people called our books…

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Thinking toolkit

A pocket-sized guide to thinking about ‘the big stuff’

An alternative to the almost obsolete, not-much-use-to-anyone, short-lived business card… That’s how I billed my WRITING TOOLKIT FOR ARCHITECTS when I first introduced it to the world. But it’s been…

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From values to vision and beyond…

Are you struggling to see how your values, mission, vision and purpose fit into the story of your practice? Perhaps this will help. VALUES – your starting point. You take…

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The remarkable power of storytelling

In case you're in any doubt as to the value of storytelling, here's a little list to help you see the light: Stories... ...make us care ...tap into our emotions…

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Something to inspire you from the comfort of your swivel chair

Is there anything more awkward than sitting in a room on your own and talking to a screen with nothing to look at but your own PowerPoint slides and a…

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