And, lastly, a very short story about my toolkits…

I want my workshops to change minds and mindsets, not just in the heat of a eureka moment but properly and permanently.

So one of the things I leave you with is a real, tangible object – a fold-out card that comes to the rescue just when you need it. I want to set you up for when you’re back at your desk, trying to articulate the things that matter, daunted by a writing task, or simply in need of inspiration.

Everyone I work with gets one, or even two. The Writing Toolkit has been called ‘a bright orange nudge’ (which I rather like), and, whether you go for that one or the blue one – the Thinking one – it’s there beside you, pushing you to be a better thinker, speaker and writer. Because thinking, speaking and writing all go together, and if you can think, speak and write well, you’ll be an even better architect.