We can sit round the table in your studio. Or gather in the conference room in your office. Or get together on Zoom. Or I can join you on your ‘team awayday’ (that’s always a treat for me).

My workshops come in all shapes, sizes, subjects, and places. Tell me what you need, and we’ll make a plan.

Whatever we’re working on, it’ll be a chance for you to refocus, pin down the things that matter, find your voice, and get excited about the future.


Most of us are so busy doing what we do (and I’ve been guilty of this too) that we don’t stand back, remember what once inspired us, and think about where we’re headed.

This is your chance to do that.

When did you last
stand back and
take stock?

Pin it down

Writing is a great way to develop your thoughts and get to grips with what really matters to you.

It’s an opportunity to get to the bottom of what you do, why you do it, and why your ideal client should choose you.

And one more thing…

I also run workshops for people like me – non-architects who work with architects.

I’ve jumped on board with web designers, interior designers, sustainability consultants and more, helping them carve out their niche and articulate their sense of purpose. Because if it’s just you faced with too many possibilities, you might just need someone else to get you moving in the right direction.

We’ll unstick whatever’s sticking, bounce ideas around, and find your best way forward.