A full-on bio-writing workshop with Prior + Partners (photos by Edward Bishop)

We can sit round the table in your studio. Or gather in the conference room in your office. Or get together on Zoom. Or I can join you on your ‘team awayday’ (always a treat for me).

Whatever we’re working on, it’ll be a chance for you to refocus, pin down the things that matter, find your voice, and get excited about the future.

My Zoom workshops start from £700, and my ‘in-the-room’ workshops start from £950. Apart from that, they come in all shapes, sizes, subjects, and places. Tell me what you need, and we’ll make a plan.

I also do ad-hoc ‘live-editing sessions’ on Zoom. Those start at £140 for an hour’s session. We put our heads together over a piece of writing or an idea – perhaps the wording for a brochure, the script for a little film, or the strapline for your website – and I provide the sounding board and fresh (but experienced) pair of eyes. You just pay for as little or as much of my time as you need.

More confidence

With clarity comes confidence – to seek out the clients you want and say no (nicely) to those you don’t.

You’ll make decisions more easily. And you’ll be better at other things too – understanding the impact of your work and conveying the value in what you do.

And one more thing…

I also run workshops for people like me – non-architects who work with architects.

I’ve jumped on board with web designers, interior designers, sustainability consultants and more, helping them carve out their niche and articulate their sense of purpose. Because if it’s just you faced with too many possibilities, you might just need someone else to get you moving in the right direction.

We’ll unstick whatever’s sticking, bounce ideas around, and find your best way forward.