Writing for your website

Blank pages – or blank documents on your screen – are all depressingly similar. Whether your particular blank page is the beginning of a masterpiece or just the space for a couple of hundred words on what you do, blankness presents a daunting prospect. Which is, of course, why writer’s block was invented.

But, as Elizabeth Gilbert points out in her TED Talk, why don’t we ever hear about engineer’s block? Engineers just get on with it, as do architects (mostly), but people looking for words just go off and do the washing up instead.

So if your practice website isn’t quite going according to plan, or you’ve known for a while that it needs an overhaul, here’s a hands-on workshop to get you over the start line and into the swing of things. I’ll provide you not only with the ways and means to get the words flowing, but with the place and time to get great chunks of them out of your head and into shape.

You’ll reap the benefits of moral support, objective opinions, fresh eyes, and plenty of advice on how to get the approach and tone just how you want them. And there’ll be no excuse – washing up or otherwise – for not getting on with it.

So do join us at Build Studios on the evenings of 5th and 12th October 2017, and we’ll crack this thing together.

1555 860 Architypal