A short sermon on what matters

Have you ever read a testimonial that starts ‘They are an award-winning, multi-disciplinary practice…’?

No? Nor me. And that’s because clients – or at least the lovely human ones that you’d actually want to work with – don’t talk like that.

And if they don’t talk like that, then it probably figures you shouldn’t be talking like that either.

Testimonials – or ‘client quotes’ as I much prefer to call them – are a great starting point if you’re struggling to find the words to explain what you do.

If your client focuses on your patience with a problem that went on and on, your ability to make stress just vanish, or how well you got on with everyone on site, then all those things just might be a good thing to focus on too.

Because if those are what mattered to a client, then those are the things that probably matter to your future clients.

And that’s where your value lies. So, pick up their wavelength, see it from their point of view, and speak their language.

End of sermon.


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