Stepping into someone else’s shoes

Sometimes I see something in my calendar that I can’t make head nor tail of – something like ‘Website discussion’ or ‘Text feedback’.

Now that doesn’t really narrow it down for me, because almost every day I’ll have a call with someone about their website or something they’ve written.

But what I know for sure is this: whoever set up that meeting was thinking about themselves, not me.

Zoom titles are, I admit, a difficult one. They need to work in everyone’s calendars.

So when I set up a call with someone I do my best to imagine it popping up in their calendar, and I tend to call them something like ‘Juliette and Claire – practice profile feedback’.*

Perhaps counter-intuitively I lead with my name, not theirs, so that’s the first thing they see. Then I try and give a brief (but specific) description that really pins it down.

So, yes, it’s a minor thing, but it shows how often we forget to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes.

Because, whatever we’re writing, we should be welcoming, inclusive, and wearing the other person’s shoes rather than our own.

*If anyone’s found a better way, please let me know…


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